Bispham dad’s hilarious Michael Myers Halloween prank has children running away screaming

He certainly went all out for Halloween

Each year Halloween seems to be getting more and more flamboyant. I remember when I was young and you’d wear a bin bag, some fake teeth, and witches’ fingers from B&M and that was your costume.

Now, people start making costumes weeks in advance and the event seems to run for a week or more. But one Bispham dad has taken Halloween to the next level.

Kelsey Bray’s dad Phillip dressed up in a Michael Myers Halloween mask and a hi-vis orange suit. Slumped on a chair outside the family home he blended in well as an ‘spooky’ prop.

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However, in pictures and videos shared with LancsLive, you can see the dad jumping out of his seat to scare the kids after they tentatively approach the impressive Halloween display. The Bispham man managed to scare quite a few of the visitors to his home in the hilarious videos Kelsey captured.

Posting the outcome on the Bispham chat, lots of people found the funny side of the Halloween prank. With more than 145 comments and 95 shares, people were quick to comment on what a great prank it was.

One person commented: “what a star.” Another noticed how the prank wasn’t stopping one little girl from getting her treats this Halloween.

Another said: “Can you imagine our poor kids faces lol. Glad we didn’t come across this one ha.”

  • 08:08, 1 NOV 2022

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