Blackpool Zoo claps back at visitor claiming animals are ‘few and far between’

The review claimed that they were unable to see many animals at the zoo

Blackpool Zoo has set the record straight after a one visitor claimed that animals were ‘few and far between’ at the park. The visitor also complained that they were unable to see any big cats as the enclosure was closed for renovations – something which the Zoo has been advertising for a while.

Often described as a “hidden gem”, the zoo boasts over 1,000 animals from all over the world from Aardvarks to Zebras whilst spanning 37 acres of traditional, spacious parkland and lakes.

Since opening in 1971, the zoo’s popularity with locals and tourists alike has soared, and the zoo has a rating of 4.5 on consumer website TripAdvisor and over 4000 “excellent” reviews.

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One excellent review said: “Lovely day out at the zoo, we thoroughly enjoyed it. We took our own picnic which was fab as there were plenty of seating areas perfect for a picnic. The best part was the Giraffes as a lover of giraffes they were the highlight. Perfect size zoo to get around with little ones. Nice and clean and a good variety of animals.”

Another read: “We have stayed in Blackpool many times but never visited the zoo so decided to go. We had an enjoyable day and enjoyed seeing all the animals and we loved the sea lion show!”

But one September day-tripper reviewed the place as “not as good as it used to be”

Their reasoning behind this was because they claim they “didn’t see many animals”, adding: “No lions or tigers as they are building a new enclosure for 2023. Monkeys were not seen. Animals were far and few. So we left and went into ball pit.”

But Blackpool Zoo was quick to clap back, saying that the big cat renovations had been planned and advertised for a good while and ticket prices had reflected the inconvenience.

A spokesperson responded to the review, saying: “Thank you for your review. The big cat house renovation has been planned for some time and, I’m sure you can appreciate, is essential to improve the environment for our much-loved big cats.

“We are creating a state-of-the-art facility designed around the specific needs of each species, where both the indoor and outdoor spaces are being extended. This would not be possible to do with either species still here during the renovation. They are due back spring 2023. The information regarding big cats is in bold writing at the top of the online ticket page; to make people aware before purchasing tickets. It has also been communicated via our social media, other places on our website (exhibit page and price page), it is on the ticket confirmation email and is on signs in the car park and throughout the main entrance (for those who have not purchased online).

“Even without the big cats, we have over 1,000 animals in the park including elephants, giraffes, great apes, penguins, sea lions, red pandas and many more rare and endangered species. By attending the talks, feeds and demonstrations, many of these can be seen at close quarters. The rest may take a little patience as they are given the choice whether to hide or sleep as they please. Luckily, our park is not too big and it’s easy to get back to see animals you may have missed. I’m sorry you were disappointed on this occasion.”

  • 16:56, 5 OCT 2022

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