Blackpool Zoo’s chef’s kiss of a response to punter’s unsubstantiated animal claims

The customer claimed that some of the animals had appeared ‘malnourished’, but Blackpool Zoo quickly set the record straight

Blackpool Zoo has hit back with an amazing response after a one star TripAdvisor review made a baseless claim about the animals they care for.

The review left on the consumer website claimed that some of the animals had appeared ‘malnourished’ when they had visited, and that ‘. Blackpool Zoo quickly set the record straight, explaining that all of their animals are in excellent health and each animals diet is catered to their needs.

Since opening in 1972, the zoo’s popularity with locals and tourists alike has soared, and the zoo has a rating of 4.5 on consumer website TripAdvisor and over 4000 “excellent” reviews.

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Plenty of visitors visit the zoo each year, and many leave thrilled with their experience. One of the most recent excellent reviews reads: “Had a great time with the grandchildren. Lots of activities going on from feeding to talks. This might be because it was half term but I think there is usually a good entertainment package. Excellent baby changing facilities throughout the zoo. Good cafeteria with GF options. Not a full day out but great for the little ones.”

Another guest wrote: “Had a great day out at Blackpool Zoo, plenty of animals to see, unfortunate that the Big cats are not there at the moment but will come back next year to see them, Great fun had by all the family. The main meals were not bad price either considering on what you pay at fast food places these days.”

But one October day tripper took to TripAdvisor to make a rather unsubstantiated claim. They said that some of the zoo’s animals appeared to be ‘malnourished’. They also took issue with the fact that the big cat enclosure was closed, something which has been heavily advertised by the zoo for some time as it is currently undergoing a major upgrade.

Their review read: “Very poor, on booking there was no mention that the big cats were closed. Some of the animals looked malnourished. The ant eater was just pacing backwards and forwards all day.. The food, possibly the worst burger I’ve ever had in my life. Definitely won’t be going back again!”

Blackpool Zoo was quick to refute these claims, detailing how they take excellent care of their animals and stating that they are all in excellent health. It also encouraged the guest to share any future concerns with the zoo keepers, who would have been more than happy to help.

Their response reads: “Thank you for your review. The information regarding big cats is in bold writing at the top of the online ticket page; to make people aware before purchasing tickets. It has also been communicated via our social media, other places on our website (exhibit/animal page and price page), it is on the ticket confirmation email and is on signs in the car park and throughout the main entrance (for those who have not purchased online). We are very much looking forward to their return in the spring.

“Our animals are fed a very balanced diet to keep them fit and healthy; all are in good general health. They are not underweight but we also take steps to prevent obesity, as this can cause problems with joints and internal organs. I can assure you that our animals don’t pace up and down, other than in very few cases, just prior to their feeding times when they’re anticipating a meal; much in the same way as a domestic pet.

“If you have any questions regarding any animal’s well-being, please do feel free to ask a member of staff. If they don’t know the answer, they will find out for you – the welfare of our animals is our highest priority and they are constantly observed by our experienced keepers and veterinary team.

“For future reference, if you feel that any part of a meal is below par, please speak to a member of the catering staff and it will be replaced immediately. I’m sorry you were disappointed on this occasion.”

For more information on Blackpool Zoo click here.

  • 05:40, 11 NOV 2022

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