Boris Johnson announcement: when the PM is expected to announce new restrictions for Lancashire

Ministers are said to be considering similar strict new measures for swathes of northern England, amid concerns the virus is spreading out of control.

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Last orders? How hospitality rules might be changing across the across the UK

When will Boris Johnson make the announcement?

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Boris Johnson is set to impose tougher restrictions for parts of England on Monday

Boris Johnson is expected to make a formal announcement of new measures in a statement to MPs on Monday 12 October.

A time for the statement is yet to be confirmed. Previous government briefings have been at 5pm, although this could be earlier in the day.

Both Downing Street and the Department of Health and Social Care declined to comment on reports that new restrictions on hospitality will come as soon as this week.

What are the current restrictions in Lancashire?

Full details on the current ruled and advice to be followed in Lancashire can be found here.

What is the current infection rate in Lancashire?

Info on the latest rolling weekly infection rate in each area of Lancashire can be found here.

What measures could be implemented in a three-tier lockdown?

In an effort to address the rising infection rates, the PM will likely introduce a three-tier system for local lockdowns, which would see different parts of England placed into different categories.

Areas that fall into tier one will have fewer than 100 cases per 100,000 of population and will continue to follow national restrictions, such as the “rule of six” and social distancing.

Those in tier two include areas where cases are above 100 per 100,000, with restrictions to be similar to those currently in place in large parts of northern England, including bans on household meetings.

Areas placed into tier three would include those with significantly higher infection rates and will likely face a full lockdown, which would see pubs, cafes and restaurants forced to close.

Will pubs and restaurants close?

Mr Johnson is expected to order tougher restrictions in swathes of northern England and the Midlands, with the worst affected areas facing the possible closure of pubs and restaurants.

Cities including Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle will most likely see hospitality venues forced to shut, as infection rates in these areas continue to soar.

However, a final decision on the time period or extent of the potential closures has not yet been confirmed.

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