Christine McGuinness dedicates new book to her three ‘superstar’ children

‘I can’t believe this’

Christine McGuinness has released a children’s picture book (Image: Instagram)

Christine McGuinness has dedicated her new book to her three ‘superstar’ children.

The mum shares three children with ex husband Paddy McGuinness – Leo, Penelope and Felicity, all of whom have been diagnosed with autism – along with Christine.

Now, she has released a children’s picture book that aims to show how important it is to embrace diversity and inclusivity. It also shows how much it means to accept one another, just as we are with all the uniqueness that makes us special.

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This is Christine’s first children’s book and she hopes it will communicate be the perfect way for parents or carers to introduce the subject of neurodiversity to any child.

The book is called Amazing Me, Amazing You and is available to pre-order on Amazon in paperback for £7.99. Christine shared a video of her holding up a cope of the book on her Instagram Stories.

Christine, from Blackpool, wrote: “I can’t believe this” as she posted a link to the pre-order page. She also opened the book to show the dedication on the first page.

It reads: “This book is dedicated to my three individual, amazing little superstars! Leo, Penelope and Felicity. All my love, Mummy xx.”

Soon after, she posted a message to a followers saying that she was heading straight back to work as she has a busy few weeks ahead. She added: “But it’s all dreams coming true… Forever grateful.”

Christine later headed to London Fashion Week where she got her hair and make up done and revealed her outfit to fans. She was wearing a black bralette and mini skirt, teamed with a red blazer and thigh high silver heeled boots.

  • 08:11, 22 FEB 2023