‘It’s not right’: Michelle Keegan’s reaction as Sky’s Brassic filming comes to Blackpool

The hit Sky show is filming scenes at the seaside resort

Michelle Keegan joked that ‘it’s not fair’ as filming of the hit Sky series Brassic came to Blackpool this week.

The comedy drama has regularly filmed in locations across Lancashire, most notably in Bacup and other areas of East Lancashire. Production for the fifth series is currently under way and that involved a trip to a wet and windy Blackpool.

Michelle, who stars as Erin Croft, was among those to feel the effects of a wintery Blackpool evening. Posting on Instagram stories, she joked: “It’s not right this, is it? It’s not fair.”

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The former Coronation Street actor added the caption ‘Filming in Blackpool in November… bring a bikini’. She added a separate story with a picture of the iconic Blackpool Tower.

The series first aired in 2019 and was co-created by Chorley-born Joe Gilgun who also plays the lead role of Vincent “Vinnie” O’Neill. Joe has previously said many of the stories featured in the show are based on his experiences of growing up in Lancashire.

Even Vinnie’s battle with bipolar disorder mirrors the mental health struggles Joe faces on a daily basis and fans are often left wondering how long the line really is between fact and fiction when watching the antics Vinnie and his pals on the show. Earlier this year, he said: “I remember a lot of my own b******t, to be honest.

“I was never a big time criminal, I was never a violent guy. I was involved in a network of people that were just trying their luck, really. For example, I went for a walk with a lad, and he said, ‘Let’s go over here. I can hear chainsaws’.

“There were a lot of blokes up a tree, cutting it back, so we stole a f***ing massive chainsaw right in front of them. They couldn’t get down the tree in time to stop us. My mate was, like, ‘I’m having this’. I still feel awful about that so I was never a brilliant criminal.”

When asked if he is ever tempted to catch up with his pals to reminisce about the old days to generate more material, Joe revealed: “To be honest, the nature of the friendships I had, a lot of them are in the nick. Or they’re dead because of violence or drug overdoses and things like that. That’s the nature of that life – it can be painful and bloody short-lived. It’s traumatising being in that amount of poverty.”

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