Late-night Pleasure Beach rides and firework display set for Easter Saturday in Blackpool

A spectacular fireworks display will close the first late-night opening event of the year

A spectacular fireworks display be the climax of Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s first late-night session of the year on Easter Saturday.

The theme park will open until 10pm on April 16 with visitors able to ride rollercoasters including The Big One, ICON and the Grand National into the night.

The FY4 area is the hub for Easter fun, with the chance to meet Bradley and Bella Beaver as they host a range of activities until April 17. These will include egg and spoon races, Easter egg hunts, sack races and the chance for visitors to win chocolate Easter egg prizes. Bradley and Bella will also be joined by their animal friends and if park-goers are lucky, they may even spot the Easter Bunny.

There will also be live entertainment throughout Saturday, with the park on Ocean Boulevard, which is now open daily until November, welcoming DJs playing music on Pleasure Beach Radio. Younger thrill-seekers can meet up with Paw Patrol and other characters at the UK’s only Nickelodeon Land with its 12 family-friendly rides.

Managing Director of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Amanda Thompson OBE, said: “Our Late Night Riding events are always extremely popular with guests who want to enjoy the extended opening hours and then the fantastic fireworks display. I hope that many people take the opportunity to ride their favourite rides after dark.”


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