Police set up overnight dispersal zone off Fleetwood town centre after youth disorder

An overnight dispersal zone has been set up by police in Fleetwood, centred at London Street

The zone includes an area between the parrallel roads of Lord Street and Blakiston Street, stretching from Preston Street , London Street and Kemp Street.

The action has been authorised by Insp Mark Douglas, who said: “The residents in this area are suffering with increased levels of nuisance and criminal damage.

“This is not acceptable. They have a right to peacefully enjoy their property free of criminal behaviour and we are committed to making sure that happens.

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“Any person engaging in ASB may be requested to leave the area by police. Any refusal to leave or return to the area will result in arrest and prosecution.”

The order follows a number of incidents in and around the former Fleetwood Health Centre which, despite being boarded up, has seen youths tear down the barriers.

The dilapidated building has been at the centre of a number of complaints by nearby residents.

On the Fleetwood Area Police Facebook site, Insp Douglas addressed parents of any youths who may be involved, saying: “If your children are out tonight please make sure you are happy that you know where they are and what they’re up to.

“Being arrested and convicted or cautioned for a criminal offence can have long reaching consequences on your child’s future.

“It can restrict future employment and international travel opportunities way in to their future.”

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