Residents blast ‘unmanaged party house’ Airbnb plan for Blackpool seafront

Councillor Michele Scott also objected the plans

Residents of a prominent tourist street in Blackpool have blasted plans for a B&B to change into a self-contained holiday let – over concerns it will become an ‘unmanaged party house’.

In an application submitted to Blackpool Council on June 15, Number 42 Guesthouse applied for their premises to be granted permission to change into a self-contained holiday let, meaning guests would have full reign of the seven bed property without any management present.

In the description for the property’s proposed development, it is proposed that Number 42 change its use “from bed & breakfast (class C1) to a single unit of self catering apartment (sui genies)”. The plans submitted by owner Graham Middleton have however been blasted by residents elsewhere on the street, with fears the self-contained house will only encourage tourists to use it as an ‘unmanaged party house’.

Mrs Esther Mellor of 17 King Edward Avenue wrote: “All other businesses on the road are B&Bs so having an unmanned party house right in the middle of the terraced row could very well cause problems with noise and bad behaviour. Problems such as these would have a detrimental effect on the surrounding businesses as well as causing extra work for the police who would have to sort out any problems.”

King Edward Avenue is home to a number of hotels including The Windsor Hotel, Hartshead Hotel, The Penrhyn Hotel and The King Edward Hotel. The street is a prime location for incoming tourists with the promenade just minutes away from the majority of accommodation there.

Mrs Heather Haskell of 23 King Edward Avenue added: “I have concerns that allowing this change will result in an increased potential for problem behaviour in the area. It would hold large groups who would be unsupervised on the premises. In theory, this is fine for large families but stag and hen party groups would have a detrimental impact on our business as well as others and would cause a disturbance to a very quiet area.

“Our guests like to stay here (and our reason for moving here) because of the peace and quiet which allows for a restful stay, away from the behaviours associated with these groups. I do not believe this type of accommodation is appropriate for this area.”

“The arrangement is described as ‘Sui genies’ which I can only assume should state ‘Sui generis’ or ‘unique’. This property is in the holiday zone and is Class 2 B&B accommodation.

“In order to ensure adequate oversight and management of the property at all times, I object strongly to the proposed very loose categorisation of the property. As has been stated by others, this property is situated amongst other residential and small scale holiday accommodation. It is a quiet area with limited facilities for large groups of the type which this property is likely to attract.

“Of particular concern is the lack of any permanent on-site management presence, which presents risks with regard to health and safety, including fire safety, and behaviour management of guests. Change of use as sought will be detrimental to the area and could set an unacceptable precedent. I object to this application.”

The Director of StayBlackpool, Ian White, used the opportunity to allege the property of “trading as an unmanaged party house” in previous months “without appropriate planning permission.”

He explained: “Having read through the application and the comments of the near neighbours, I significantly agree that in the two months this property has been trading as an unmanaged party house without appropriate planning permission the impact on the neighbouring community has been significantly negative.”

Ian says that in a previous application, onsite management was deemed “essential” and continued to point out that a smaller property “should likewise have onsite management”. He added: “I am also aware of other applications which are similar in appearance lending to a risk of unacceptable party house use.”

“Illegal changes have been made adding a hot tub and replacing windows with doors (without any building control records) has had a significant and detrimental impact on both neighbours. Significant vibrations impact on number 40 and when the doors are opened the noise including people noise significantly and negatively impacts on number 44.

“Having been involved in some recent intervention to ensure 3+ weeks of rubbish were removed is another clear example of the negative impact of a lack of management plan. It also appeared that the provided bins were of a residential standard, not in keeping with a business use.

“It is noted that there is a £750 bond charged to those that book. Clearly this has not been a deterrent as there are significant comments regarding the stench of cannabis. Certainly, from the evidence provided in the other comments the unlawful changes made have had a significant and detrimental impact on so many businesses doing the right thing by Blackpool.”

Ian finally concluded that he feels there is “no way” the property can “be allowed to continue to be operated as it has been”. He added: “Thus, with the continued noise and significant disturbance this application, must be refused.”


Rebecca LockwoodTrainee reporter
  • 05:40, 6 JUL 2022

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