We tried the bright green café in Blackpool serving a three-course roast dinner for £8.50

Every day is the day for a roast dinner

You can hardly miss the bright green building standing tall on the corner of Dale and Princess street in Blackpool.

A lime coloured café stands out from its duller looking neighbours, and being just a stone’s throw from the promenade, provides tourists and locals alike with a quiet place to rest.

When I walked past the Lindale Café, after recovering from the shock of it’s brightness, I spotted a sign that caught my eye. It read: “3 course roast dinners served all day.” I checked my watch; it was 10.57am. Was it too early for a roast dinner? Nah.

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I entered, slightly nervous about eating a whole roast dinner on my own, but my curiosity got the better of me. I sat down and perused the menu, which informed me my starter would be a soup of the day, or a glass of fresh orange juice.

I then would have the choice of roast beef with Yorkshire puddings, pork in apple sauce, or roast chicken on the bone. All three options came with either potatoes or chips, peas, carrots and gravy. There was a wide range of home made cakes and pies for dessert too. All of the above would only cost me £8.50. A bargain in my eyes.

Now, I’m not a soup lover, so I can’t tell you what that was like. I opted for the glass of orange juice. It was a bit small, but tasted fresh, so that was a win.

The roast came within 10 minutes of ordering, and I was more than ready to dig in. I went for the roast chicken option with potatoes (I was tempted by the chips but a real roast has potatoes).

Upon first glance, I wished there were more roasties. I got just two of the, with three boiled potatoes. There was a sizable chicken on my plate however and it was smothered in gravy, so I was excited.

I must say, the only thing I didn’t like was the peas, everything else was delicious, the boiled potatoes were soft, the roasties were the right amount of crispy, and the chicken was juicy.

After finishing my main, I was left the difficult choice of choosing my dessert. I was torn between the chocolate fudge cake and apple pie, but in the end I went for the apple pie. If I’m being picky, I prefer them warm, and this came straight from the fridge. However I didn’t ask for it to be warmed, so for that I only have myself to blame.

Overall, if I ever find myself near central pier again with a hankering for a roast, I know exactly where to go. For £8.50 for three courses, you can’t go wrong, especially if you want a roast at 11am.

  • 09:43, 17 SEP 2022

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