TECH TALK: Aerative Portable Dryer – clothes drying for those on the go

The fully-extended Aerative portable dryer
The fully-extended Aerative portable dryer

But just as the Amazon van was dropping off my Aerative portable dryer, the heavens opened and we had a downpour, with my daughter en route home in unsuitable trainers.

Fate you might say, as no sooner had the delivery man moved to his next destination the dryer was out of the box, coming to the rescue of the sodden shoes.

Being at home, we could have easily dried the shoes in other ways of course, but this natty little piece of tech is ideal for taking away on holiday, particularly if rainy or wintry weather might be a factor and, indeed, it did a sterling job of drying the trainers.

The Aerative portable dryer van be used on adult and child clothes and also for shoes

Measuring ‎280mm x 80mm x 40mm and weighing 570g the Aerative dryer is compact enough to fit into any bag or case and its arms open up telescopically and rotate to adapt to the item it is drying, be it a shirt, baby clothes or a pair of shoes for example.

Thanks to its in-built technology to dry any spills, rain, or sweat, the Aerative dryer allows users to look after their garments on the go with up to eight hours of automatic drying, and is safe for cabin or checked luggage.

To save on hefty checked baggage fees it could even be taken on holiday to quickly dry the fewer clothes you’ve taken and are happy to wash?

Aerative also features a UV lamp that, according to the manufacturer, eliminates 99.9% of potentially harmful bacteria and mites to kill any unwanted germs on clothes while simultaneously drying them.

Aerative portable dryer

This feature can even be toggled on and off, so users may select this function as and when it is required. A timer function also allows peace of mind when drying.

With fully extendable and rotatable arms, the Aerative is fully adaptable to work in all spaces and thanks to its patented air duct design, it is powerful enough to dry clothes and shoes. The dryer, working through ejecting hot air through its air ducts features an alloy wire heating mechanism, which ensures an efficient, safe, and stable operation of the device.

The kit comes complete with the Aerative device, a drawstring protective pouch, four clothes pegs, and an instruction manual. A nice piece of equipment that will certainly leave you dry and high!

The bacteria-killing UV light feature on the Aerative portable dryer

Extendable air ducts

Rotatable design

UV Sterilisation Technology

Intelligent screen display for setting adjustment

The Aerative portable dryer has a timer of up to eight hours

Adjustable time

Automatic turn off feature for safety

Timer function (up to 8 hours of automatic drying)

4x clothes pegs

1x drawstring protective pouch

Comprehensive instruction manual

The Aerative Portable Dryer is available for £69 from Aerative with free shipping.

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